Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Running To Cadence

One of the harder parts of this new fitness freak out that I'm doing is getting into some sort of rhythm doing cardio. I know cardio is important, and even enjoy it when I do get going. The problem seems to be getting started. Once I get going I often enter into the "zone". Problem is just in getting there.

One of my regular features is to take a good long walk, usually 4-5 miles. The puppy is in tow and she loves every step of it. So do I!

There is one road that I've added that is a new row of houses going in. Round trip from end to end is around 1 mile and I've decided this would make an excellent strip to get in some running. There is no traffic, no house or people, it is all to myself. At least it used to be.

Now however house are starting to be built. At least 2 of them look like they will be completed in the next few weeks. No matter, I figure I was running along the street before anyone came along so I get squaters rights. Plus there is the bonus that as houses are being built there is a good supply of men building them, providing the occasional beefcake view.

When I start running, I switch from an audible book to several running cadences from the military. Once of my favorites is this one, Ding Dong. For some reason when it goes to "chorus" of "ding dong, dingy dingy dong, HEY!" I slip into some sort of Rocky Balboa trainer sessions with a deep step in my run and fists striking out front. It probably looks silly, but I don't care because it feels especially good!

I'm looking forward to this summer. Some houses will be completed, so maybe there can be a sorta Desperate Housewives thing going, only with husbands! And still construction on new houses, but now with crews working topless because of the heat! And ... of course ... me running through the middle of it all!

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