Monday, February 05, 2007

Onwards Toward Rip'd

Today I had my first checkup since I went onto this health kick. I am really loving the results. Very briefly, the checkup is something that my employer provides. It is a basic pulse and blood pressure check, ride a bike for a few minutes, and talk about diet and other healthy living.

Since my last visit 4 months ago I've gained 8.5 pounds, and that was in addition to the 22.5 pounds on the prior check. Remember, I am wanting to gain pounds so this is a awesome success.

But there is another measure that makes that weight gain even better news. My body fat percentage went down. I've dropped 1.2% and now measure in at 13.2% body fat! In short, all the weight gain is in muscle. Ooh boy!

I think this summer I need to host a few pool parties. What better way to show off, except maybe by dancing shirtless on top of the bar!

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