Thursday, February 08, 2007


Todays Work & Family column had a very interesting question, which is how to avoid dating gold-digging men. This is something that I would expect is not only a problem with higher earning women, but gay men too.

The advice and/or answer seemed fairly common sense:
A: "There's no formula for warding off gold-diggers," says Nicole Williams, New York, a speaker and author on career development for women. "They come in all shapes and sizes, income levels and status." Before getting involved with someone, be clear on a few screening criteria. Look for men with goals of their own, a history of self-reliance and a willingness to pick up the check, Ms. Williams says. Consider resorting to old dating rules; "If a man has asked you out, he pays."
That makes sense. After all, if he can crack open a wallet and is self-reliant, then he probably does not need someone else to pay his way through life.

So how does a person avoid falling into this trap? When I am on a date I enjoy spending money on them. I think for me the problem seems to arise when it is expected that I pay for it all.

Unless he has pecs and abs to die for ... and then I think it goes by a different name!


KipEsquire said...

The easiest way to avoid golddiggers is to only date people with more money than you. ;-)

Michael said...

So I should maybe look for a sugar daddy? Well, maybe not a sugar daddy, but I think I could be kept boy, at least for a while!