Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Slow News Week

It must be a good news week, because the Today show all week has been showing nothing but scare stories. It follows the motto No News is Good News.

Earlier in the week, the big story was how stores were putting returned clothing back on the rack, specifically underwear and swim suits. It took them until near the end to finally tell us that this is against the store policy and they will re-inform employees of this.

Then this morning it was that bath toys for kids might have germs on them. Really?!?! You put one of those crawling and walking disease factories into a tub of warm water and really expect its toys to stay sanitary? What's next, diapers are smelly?

If this is all we have to worry about, then things must be awfully good in the nation. Either that, or the network spent their wad of money on the Olympics coverage and have to tighten their belt for the rest of the year.