Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Welcome to Gay Knight!

Welcome to Gay Knight, a new weblog that will cover many different things, usually, hopefully with a little insight from the gay perspective.

For those of you just visiting, my name is Michael and I will be writing about many subjects. This is not my first blog, as I had maintained another one going back to June of 2004. But that blog started to drag and I just lost interest. It started getting too serious, plus writings on boring things like growing grass.

Here we plan on trying an upbeat, usually fun format. What makes me think I can make that change? Well, probably because I've been making a lot of changes since the beginning of the year. I've started exercising, both aerobic and anaerobic. I've quit smoking after a couple of decades of addiction. Alcohol has been cut to only 2 drinks a day. And finally, I am working on getting over any remaining sexual hangups I still have.

I expect that at some point in the near future, I will explore most of those topics, but that will not be the main focus of this blog. I like entertainment, especially in book, broadcast, movie and audio formats. If it's gay, all the better. So expect to see various reviews of these entertainment venues.

Personal finance is also of interest to me, so I will write about new trends that I see emerging, such as information on how some aspects of personal finance work, ideas on how you can save money or maybe ways to spend more effectively.

So stay tuned, and you might find this blog to be entertaining, interesting and sometimes even informative!