Sunday, January 21, 2007

Missed Wii

I've decided I want a Nintendo Wii. Of course, so does everyone else so there isn't one to be found. Except for this morning, when the Best Buy flyer in the paper had them advertised.

So I jump right into the shower and out the door to the nearest Best Buy. I was there 15 minutes before it opened, and there were people standing around the door. But as I approached, I was told that they had given coupons out for the number in stock about 15 minutes earlier. Damn!

One guy did offer to sell me one of the coupons. He said he had 2. Absolutely not! I may want one, but not so much that I'll spend extra for it! They will be out soon enough elsewhere.

1 comment:

Blobby said...

We have GameStops here. I went in and they had a few. They say they normally do b/c no one asks for them, just assuming they won't have them in stock.