Monday, May 07, 2007

A Possible Stock Opportunity

Recently while perusing various fitness information, I somehow ended up at Wikipedia after googling the word "anaphrodisiac." (How I got there I cannot remember, somehoe related to testosterone). From there I followed a link to aphrodisiac, curious as to what it had to say.

From there, I came across the following statement:


A new drug called Bremelanotide (formerly PT-141) seems to be the first real aphrodisiac. It stimulates sexual desire in both men and women, and clinical trials are currently testing it for the treatment of sexual arousal disorder and erectile dysfunction.

That sounded very interesting to me. Everyone has heard about Viagra and it's brethren. But the problem with those drugs is that they affect the cardiovascular system. Basically they cause an erection from a physical perspective. And although an erection can make a man feel sexy, the better course is where feeling sexy causes an erection. Or at least, that is my theory.

Or to put it into an analogy: Current drugs are like putting air into a balloon. This new drug is like putting gas into a balloon. One will fill it up and make it eassier to float, whereas the other will cause it to float, bouncing along the air currents.

What makes Bremelanotide interesting is that it affects the sexual urge, or the mental urge. That just seems more natural. Or, in other words, an actual aphrodisiac.

Since sex sells, I see an opportunity here. The first prescription aphrodisiac. It is in the testing phase now, having passed phase II and entering III any day now. The company that is developing the drug, Palatin Technologies, is trading at a ridiculously low $2. I've scarfed up a bunch of shares and plan to hold until the end of the current testing phase.

One interesting trivia about this drug is how it was discovered. They were apparently testing a sunless tanning product when they noticed that men were sporting an erection. Now there is a side effect I've never heard in the TV commercials!

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The Squidoo Bremelanotide Guy said...


I've been watching the progress of Bremelanotide for quite some time now, even creating a webpage to stay current with what's going on with it, and have likewise been watching that Palatin stock....

The only caveats I can think of to what you say (and I agree with you about how the stock is undervalued), is that I've seen spikes followed by gradual valleys each time Bremelanotide gets mentioned in the mainstream media, like it did recently in the NY Times.

Bremelanotide is still at least 1 to 3 years away from possible FDA approval, so it's something you'd have to sit on for a while to get the full profit out of it.

Having said that, a month or two back the CEO of Palatin (iirc) implied some new news about Bremelanotide will be announced this month, and they are presenting at conference that takes place something like May 20-24. A presentation on the 21st about erectile dysfunction is likely when Bremelanotide will be mentioned prominently. Maybe they're just announcing it's going into Phase III trials for men, or maybe something better...

However if Bremelanotide DOES get FDA approval in a couple years, and works like the trials seem to indicate, then that stock will DEFINITELY shoot up!

And FWIW, I don't (yet) own any Palatin stock, so my opinion isn't overly biased either way - except I hope the stuff works! :)

Best of luck!