Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Netflix Shipment Center

Netflix has changed the emails that they send when a movie has shipped from your queue. Usually it says "For Wed: MovieName". Usually the date it expect the DVD to arrive is the next day, meaning that it is shipping from Raleigh or possibly Greensboro. Today though the email subject was "For Sat: Phoenix from Houston, TX". This is different in that it list the shipment center city.

This usually happens when a low-volume movie is being sent out. I seem to get quite a few of those, probably because I rent movies that are indies, especially gay indies. Since they are low volume, Netflix will generally only have 2-3 copies total.

Usually the email just says it will arrive on Saturday. For me it's a little game to check the return envelope to find out where it came from. I've gotten at least one DVD from Honolulu and several from west coast cities. The longest wait was for one off the west coast that arrived cracked, and another was shipped, this time from Idaho or somewhere.

So for the weekend I am getting the DVD of Phoenix. Netflix says that people like me rate it a 4.5 stars (out of 5), but it's general rating is only 2.5. I'm beginning to think Netflix is trying to stereotype me! The movie might be a surprise enjoyment, or a real dozer. We'll see!


KipEsquire said...

But in my experience, no matter where the return envelope is addressed to, it will go to the nearest facility (and be received just as quickly so your queue can advance). :-)

Carol said...

i think netflix is the best thing to have ever happen to video rentals. our local distribution site is lansing, though i've paid attention to see if any have come from other places. i'll start watching now.