Monday, May 21, 2007

Bicycle Routes

Y'know, I am having a blast with my new bike. Especially discovering things that are just around the corner from me that I either had no idea about, or thought it were a lot farther away.

I always knew I was fairly close to town, using back roads. But it is only 15 minutes by bike, and that is if I take my time. I also found that there is a much closer recycling center, albeit in a different county.

That seems to be my biggest surprise, the counties that I am hitting. On Saturday, I did the eastern loop pictured here, and went through 3 counties: Wake, Franklin and Nash. Sunday was only 2 in the western loop, Franklin and Wake.

I've found that the Wrenns Farm is only 20 minutes, the gas station I always considered too far and the wrong direction isn't really all that far, and that my little town has a country club!

Of course, what bike ride through the country would be complete without the obligatory dog that chases you? I found mine on the western loop, between miles 8 & 9. Luckily I was already in high gear going downhill when I came across him, but I think I broke my own land speed record!

The map picture comes courtesy of GMaps Pedometer. This is a nice tool for mapping out distances and routes. I originally used it to calculate walking miles, and also calories burned. But it comes in very handy in printing out the maps I carry when biking. This graphic was a gimp together of 2 routes, the western loop, and the eastern. Great mapping tool!

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