Friday, August 08, 2008

Whatever Happened To....

So, whatever happened to ??? How about Danny?

I don't remember how much of this is before or after starting the diary. Danny's last name was Groves, and he hailed from out northwest U.S. Washington or Oregon. He had mentioned one time that his dad worked in computers and that is why he was assembling a computer from blueprints. To this day I keep thinking that I will find out that his dad really is Andy Grove of Intel fame.

He knew his computers and how they worked. Or I think it would be more accurate to say he knew rules and how they applied, and computers are all about a bunch of rules tied together. When we would get together for our almost weekly D&D game, he would start quoting the rules in the dm manual. But we know now that D&D doesn't have any rules. (or maybe it was a flaw in version 1 of the rules?).

Danny knew I was gay. Thom told him, just before I got back from Eagan, MN. When he told me that, I was flattened. Here I was, afraid to let anyone know becuase I could get kicked out? And Thom goes and outs me. And outs himself too, of course! And not just to Danny, but to Bill too!

According to my diary, Danny and I didn't mix too well. Oil and vinegar. And thats what I remember. But... in one entry I tell how he and I just talked one night when I needed it about me being gay. It went pretty well apparently because I failed to note any of the details. I don't remember the talk, but I feel that it's important that I had that talk with someone.

Over time, Danny became more of a recluse. He spent all of his time in his dorm room, initially studying the D&D manuals, all of them. Who know what after those were memorized. He owned only one pair of jeans by that time. They were too long but he had walked on the heel for so long all that remained was the seam. And I'm not sure when they had last visited a washing machine.

My final thoughts about him were near the time where he should be planning on what to do next, re-up or go into private sector. And he just disappeared. Poof!

And that was Danny. One day I will discover his dad really was Andy Groves, or he himself will burst onto the world scene in the computer arena. One day.

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