Monday, August 18, 2008

Resting Day

The festival always takes a lot out of me, and I just need a day of rest and relaxation. I always take one extra day off whenever I travel or go to big events like this, so to veg. Call it a mental vacation.

So today I will post pictures from this mornings walk with the pup. Much larger versions of the pictures are just a click away.

Just starting the walk and passing car dealerships. They must be really hurting if they are offering 0% financing and 42% off the price.

There is a bunch of construction going on to widen Wake Forest. This is just inside the 440 loop, up on the hill the exposed building is the Courtyard Marriot. The shopping strip center behind me is getting a major face lift.

The greenway parralels one of the creeks and or drain systems. The babbling brook is where I enter the greenway off of Wake Forest.

Today we walked to the Kiwanis park. There is a big soccer field there, and shrooms were growing quite well on it after Saturday nights rain.

And while gardening in the back woods, I came across this slug. The thing is huge.

Yes, it was a very relaxing day today.

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