Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweetened Cherry Iced Tea

This is an iced tea I fixed up today for while I worked on the gardening. This recipe is also featured in the Carnival of the Recipes at the Busy Family Meals web site.

It's simple, just a bit of improvising for the sweetener. I had some berry flavored tea, and I wanted to use sweet besides sugar. Cherry butter fit the bill and I even had a jar of it. You can find cherry butter earlier in the year (and canned, now) at farmers markets. It's a lot like apple butter only with, you know, cherries.

I used the coffee maker to brew the tea, when the maker is at it's hottest, right after recharge from morning coffee (it's a diner coffee maker thingy). But the filter drip needs to have been cleaned daily to keep out coffee taste.

Sweetened Cherry Iced Tea
  • Celestial Seasoning Black Cherry Berry tea (or any berry infused tea)
  • Cherry Butter, maybe 2-4 Tbsp
Brew tea, mix in enough cherry butter to the preferred sweetness. If you like really sweet tea, such as southern tea, you may want to add some sugar to keep the cherry from becoming overpowering.

Pour into your favorite tea pitcher, fill with ice and enjoy.


Bonus Recipe!!!

Tangerine Float

Try this for desert, easy as any root beer float. Take the ice cream out of the freezer just as you take your first forkful of dinner, it'll be the perfect consistency for this delight.
Put the ice cream into the glass, preferrably a coke glass shape with the narrow bottom. Add the cream soda, slurping the foam to keep it from overflowing. Take a spoonful, close eyes and just taste it cross the tongue.

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