Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Liveblog Sais de Mayo

7:30 - Today is the first main day for moving. I've cleared all the clothes out of the dresser, some into a box, some into my childhood dresser (pictured, I like the t-shirt). Later JD will help me move the fridge and stuff. Right now I'm starved, so going to Mc'Ds for a sausage, egg & cheese biscuit. I love those things!

8:02 - I see now that I got back from the store that the gas guy called to say he was on his way. I told him I was about 30 minutes out. Gotta get moving to meet him!

10:00 - I had to go back to Zebulon. There was no power, so the gas man would not turn it on. (He even put a lock shield onto the valve!) I've called the power company, and he said they had turned it on about 10 minutes earlier. Voted on the democratic ticket in the primaries.

10:40 - Back in Raleigh. Sent the following email:
-------- Original Message --------
From: Michael
To: jd
Subject: This Afternoon After Work
Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 10:57:44 -0400

Hey - I'm at the house waiting for the water guy and maybe the gas guy. There is power, the internet is up, and so is the phone (). I'm ready to go.

How about replying back to this, to confirm that your number is 5022.

11:30 - Just got back from Lowes to pick up a boring drill bit to make the passage for installing the water line for the ice maker.

12:30 - Gas guy came back and turned on the pilot lights for the furnace, plus confirmed the gas stove is working ( We're cooking with gas now!) The water guy also showed up, but since the valve is unscrewed he couldn't turn on the water. He called it in as an emergency to the mechanics folks.

2:30 - After 2 more trips to Lowes (any project will be 3 today) but the icemaker line is installed. It attaches at the sink, goes through the crawl (literally) space and up in the alcove. It now just needs water and a freezer to make some ice. Let me tell you something about crawl spaces...you don't want to be wearing shorts! I tied diesh towels to my knees and put on jogging pants for the crawl ... and it worked.

And theres the waterworks guy pulling up just now!

4:00 - The water is back on, so I'm back in Zebulon, throwing almost everything in the fridge into a trash bag (there is no using any of it!)

9:00 - Finished moving the few items that needed 2 people, so I am back in Zebulon again for the night. We used what I heard called the 4-armed dolly, straps that you put on your forearms and carry the fridge. Makes it much easier than a hand truck to manuever steps and turns. Pictured is JD sitting in the recliner, having a smoke.

10:30 - Showered and just finished dinner, pictured. It's smoked sausage browned in the skillet, and some potatoes tossed with some butter and tarragon and dill weed. That hit the spot tonight! Now to sit back and catch an episode of Lost.

11:59 - Good night!

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