Sunday, May 04, 2008


Not too much to report on Apache this weekend. I moved the outdoor furniture this weekend, and on Tuesday Jay will be coming by to help me move the fridge, plus a couple of other large items that needs 2 people to move.

For the first time in forever, North Carolina is important in the national election. And our primary is on this coming Tuesday. So of course I am getting the RoboCalls for the candidates. Funny, the politicians made it illegal for telemarketers to call you if you tell them not to, but there is nothing to stop politicians from calling you 20 times a day!

Pictured is the caller-id for a robocall for "North Carolina For Hillary". Notice that it is coming from South Carolina? You would almost want to be insulted that she wouldn't use an office in NC if those are the votes she wants. (Actually, it is probably becuase inter-state calls are less expensive than intra-state.)

Now, who do I want to vote for?

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