Monday, October 08, 2007

Long Weekend

I had a 3-day weekend this week and I was very busy. Thanks to Columbus Day, today was a day off ... one of the few holidays that banks take that nobody else observes. The other one being veterans day in November.

But it was a very busy weekend. On Saturday I more-or-less camped out in Raleigh for the day. I showed up in the morning for a picnic and decided to stay into the evening for some bowling. With several hours between the two, I joined in on some hiking in Umstead park, and then took advantage of the bridal/bike trails. So after the picnic, then hiking, followed by trail biking, it was off to GCF to get a change of clothes, eat dinner, and finishing up with a couple of games of bowling. I was whooped by the end of the day!

Sunday had a lot of activity, although not quite so physically active. I went into Raleigh to meet a new friend, a costume seamstress for NC State theater. He had invited me over to look through some costumes I might like to wear when I go to the Renaissance Festival in a couple of weeks. He had an absolutely perfect Prince outfit, and it fit so I am going as royalty this year!

We decided to go get a cup of coffee at the local coffee house, to get to know each other better. We also went downtown where I got to see the fallen fireman memorial, and then to Brothers & Sons antique store. This store was full of all the kitschy stuff I knew while growing up ... and it was amazing how much of that stuff was absolutely appallingly UGLY! That said, I still walked out with an analog telephone with rotary dial, plus a Tom Swift book. It's funny, I have an old phone that is at least 40 years old, and it's hooked up and works with my VOIP. When that phone was made, you saved for months to call Europe ... and now I can do it for free!

I finished off Sunday with David by going to an Ethopian restaurant. It was my first time eating Ethopian cuisine, but of course it was fun. There is a bread-like pancake served with the meal, and you tear off pieces of it to use to pinch up bits of the main dish to eat. Quite enjoyable when you share dishes. If you get a chance to try this ethnicity, don't forget to eat up the bread at the bottom of the is the best!

Oh, and while at the coffee house I picked up this oil. I love the whimsy of the butterfly wings.

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