Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Six O'Clock Scramble

I recently subscribed to a service offering menus for those of us who aren't quite so imaginative in coming up with meal ideas. It is called The Scramble and it is written by Aviva Goldfarb. Aviva writes a wonderful little newsletter and includes with it five dinner ideas. The dinners are fun, a little exotic because she reaches outside of traditional american cooking, and almost always easy to fix.

Each Wednesday, you receive a list of the recipes in a handy pdf. Page one contains the newsletter, an always warm home idea, letters from her fans, or home advice. The last page contains the list of ingredients, cross-referenced to the recipes. What I find myself doing is picking 2 recipes that really appeal to me, then scratching out all ingredients on the list that don't go into them, and then those items I already have. The shopping list is inclusive, such as including salt in the shopping list, because you might not have that in the pantry!

Pictured here (bigger pic) is my counter top as it has evolved recently, partly from The Scramble. The Gnochi is from a recipe I didn't get to. So it's on the counter until I figure out what to fix with it.

I came across The Scramble after a W$J article, and it turns out it was a real win for me to subscribe.

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