Saturday, September 29, 2007

NC Pride 2007

Today was the day for celebration of all things gay around these parts. The 2007 North Carolina Gay Pride Parade and Festival.

We hold our parade in late September because the temps are very pleasant right about now. Today is was beautifully sunny, 78 and just the most perfect breeze.

As always, click the picture for a larger version.

There are quite a few vendors who show up for the festival. Just about every gay organization in the state has a table and pamphlets. And of course there is jewelry, pencil art and various clothing, stickers and memorabilia to take home.

Last year was the first year the parade has had a protestor, some bunch from S.C. with loud speakers. In preparation for a repeat lots of signs were ready to be taken up in counter protest.

Luckily, the lone protester was so far from the festivities that he wasn't heard, and he had to shut down during the actual parade. The city of Durham really gets behind supporting this parade!

And finally, finish up the day at Sirens with a nice beverage.

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