Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pagan Pride Day

Today was my first event that I put onto the Gay Professionals meetup group, and truth be told, the actual meetup flopped. I showed up, though.

But, before I left to go to the fairgrounds for the meetup, I tossed the bike into the back of the truck. After seeing a movie I found I had an hour and a half to spend before the meetup was to start. Not enough time to go linen shopping like I wanted, so I ended up at the fairgrounds about an hour early.

Okay, the last time I was at the fairgrounds I ended up lost. I finally had to ask a 90 year old "guard" where my truck was parked! That sucked. Plus I was fairly whooped from several miles of walking.

So this time I grabbed my bike and pedaled all around the place. I really think that this is the only way to go. There are so many things to see, discover and just experience and it is spread out over hundreds of acres of land. The bike easily got me around the fairgrounds so that I got to see all of the fun stuff going down.

For instance, there was the Pagan Pride Day Festival. This was a fun event to experience. In the distance hard rock beat against the air. In the festival itself there were many a tent set up, creating a mini-biazarre atmosphere. I ended up buying some stevia from a likable witch ... it looks like a fun ingredient.

There were lots of other things happening, like the grecian festival. I stopped in there for dinner, plus I pick up a silver dragon, pictured. I had a dinner of mousaka and it was surprisingly delicious. I biked through one building as they were tearing down from some sort of event for Rex Medical folks. The arena was preparing for a womens Roller Derby event. The new parking area with its stadium was gearing up for a mexican festival due to take place on Sunday. And who could fail to mention that NC State had a game coming that day, so there were a ton of 20-somethings partying big time! I've not seen that many men in red shirts since the Disney GayDays festivities last June

It was a fun day, one that I will have to repeat often.

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