Sunday, July 13, 2008


It's been a particularly busy and fun Sunday this week. It started with a bikeride on the greenways. I made straight for the path where it crosses North Hills. After checking out the new breakfast menu at Wendys. The menu? Eh, nothing to be proud of, but okay. They should go bold and serve up a heaty breakfast menu, lotsa peppers, salsa and spice.

was headed towards crabtree, I'd heard there was a triathlon this weekend. Never did make it there, but got fairly close and I know the way now. Did a loop around Lake Shelley, a little rought railing, and back. During the ride I found I was missing my water bottle. Not cool, man! On the return ride I rode through the Wendys drive through and asked if I had dropped it there. Nope. Turns out it was in the parking lot of the first curb I jumped this morning. When I put it back (after several gulps) I saw the bracket was loose. Must have gotten loose during it's tune-up.

While going around the lake, I came across this man. walking on these stilt like things. These were really cool. He told me that it took him 3 months to get to where he could walk easily in them. They can't be bought in the U.S., but the can be found at (I musta rememered wrong...but they can be seen here) Click the pic to see it larger)

The rest of the day was working in the yard at my new home. I brought several hosta from the other home and planted them. And painting the front door. It was a dreadful black, so I'm getting it to a white base so that I can choose any color I want for it.

It's been a fun weekend for me. How was yours?

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