Saturday, July 12, 2008


I think I am going to start a new category of postings. Dreams. Yes, those weird little personal movies that are all yours. I love dreaming, they are so fantastic.

My dreams are usually from my point of view, usually from what I would see through my eyes. Occasionally in the dream I will view the scene from a 3rd view because that way makes it easiest to watch and integrate it into the whole.

About 2 years ago come August, Chantix came online to help people stop smoking. I took it, and come this August I will be smoke free (tobacco) for 2 years. Woo Hoo! Anyway, one of the side effects was an increase in dreaming. And did I ever groove into that side effect. I absolutely loved it!

Eventually I decided to keep a book on the dresser so that when I woke remembering the dream, I could write it down. I've gotten quite a few. Regrettably not all made it into the diary, as in at least one I was too embarrased or ashamed to want to record it. Man, that was a stupid thing to think. They are forever gone.

I wrote down last nights dream, as usual even before making coffee. Even before anything becuase I want to get it down before it fades. It was something about road trips, amusement parks, and bears being carried through a grand entrance and ending up in a mud puddle. And not caring.

Trust me, you had to be there!

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