Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Apache Home

I've gone and done it again. I've found another home that looks very good to me. This one looks to be much more sound than the last one. The current owner is a company that buys homes and refurbishes them. A "flip" if you will, except that they first actually put work into restoring it.

This one is outside the loop, in the northeast part of town. Actually it is just barely outside the loop, being the first light off Wake Forest road. As always, bigger pics once you click. (Y'know, I really should ask mad about his way of enlarging photos with a click on his blog...that's really cool!)

When I first moved to Raleigh, I lived in more-or-less this part of town, so I know it fairly well. The neighborhood is across the street from Bahama Breeze, a place that intrigued me every day when I drove past it that I finally asked a friend to go there with me. I am completely familiar with that whole part of town.

The neighborhood seems really good. I stood with the realtor on the street talking about the offer and giving him a check, and during that time I met at least 3 of the neighbors. Nice people all, generally younger and professionals. I could easily see many gay neighbors in the future, if they aren't there already.

So now, here come the pictures. The front is bland and boring. I'll find something to do with it though to liven things up, but I really love that I have two very big, very mature oak trees to give me shade during those hot summer days.

Here is a picture of the back of the house, from the top of the hill. The back yard has had some landscaping done, as there is landscaping timbers making tiers. I think in time I will replace them with maybe railroad ties or even stones.

There is also a nice arboretum off to the side of the patio out back. It gives the feeling of being outdoors in a quiet shady area. Lots of shade loving plants would easily fill this part with lots of color.

One of the more striking features inside is the living room. One end is a slight step down to tiled flooring, with a brick wall for accent, plus the hardwood floor throughout the main part. That brick wall has all kinds of possibilities. Fireplace comes to mind, of course. But what about even more plants. How about a vine climbing up the brick?

I really like the kitchen. Right off, it has a gas cooktop. I have been wanting to cook on gas for ages. I also like the way that there is no wall between the kitchen and dining area, and no wall between the dining and living areas. A person could stand in the dining room and chat with practically anyone in the house from that spot. It also lends itself to having a bar placed between the dining and kitchen. I've got a corner hutch that would fit the bill perfectly for storing the glassware and liquor.

There is one potential pitfall to this becoming my place. There is already a contingent contract offer for the home. One of those "when we sell our home, we will buy this one" deals. I am betting on the seller going for the "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". But if the other purchaser comes up with the money, I'm out of luck. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that.

This will be a great place for me. Wish me luck!

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