Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Talking Chests

Lately I've been a little more active at and chat sessions. I've never really been much of one for chatting online, although I have had spells in the past.

My main picture on the site is of my chest (pictured here), with secondary pictures of me overall, including my face. It's a funny thing ... most of the guys that page me usually have a chest picture of themselves as the primary. Of course in many instances it is also the only picture, but that is another story altogether.

Last night, as I was chatting away with a beautifully built guy I realized that it was more or less a couple of "talking chests." It was as though there were no heads involved. The mental picture I conjured up caused me a big ol' grin!

It's funny, if it weren't so sad in some ways.


KipEsquire said...

Hmm...Now I really regret our missing each other when I was in Raleigh. ;-)

Carol said...

i've heard of talking HEADS, but chests? LOL

Michael said...

Kip - All the more reason you should welcome me when I finally visit NYC!

Carol - I talked about chest pictures talking ... but if you saw what a lot of the more "adult" profile pictures show at, then there is a good case for calling those chat sessions "talking heads", too!

Carol said...

oh, i believe that!!!