Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cruising The Deputy

Today at lunch, I had a little bit of fun with a deputy sheriff. While at Subway eating my sandwich and reading the paper, a couple of county sheriffs walked in. They ordered their sandwiches and sat down to enjoy them.

From almost the moment they walked in, I was attracted to the younger one. He looked like he was only 25-30, and cute with a fun smile. He reminded me of Jensen Ackles of Supernatural (see him at BentBlog) . While they were standing in line I looked him over a couple of times, and by the time they had their food and sat down, he knew he was being cruised.

Like all good law enforcement officers, the very idea that they might be thought to be gay just crushes their machismo. And that seems to be how this darling was taking it. The more I innocently cruised, the more butch he became. I could practically smell the testosterone over the airborne yeast!

His forehead and brow furrowed into a not-quite-a-frown, and I swear the crew cut got bristlier. His back straightened up as he sat, and I am sure that if I could have heard his voice it would have gone several octaves lower. His chest had puffed up so much that by the time they walked out it was impossible for him to lower his arms to his sides!

I know that someday I'll pay for the fun that I had with him. Some day or another I will have a run-in with him on business and he'll remember today. I just hope when it happens that he is more of a peacock than a puff fish!

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