Friday, March 30, 2007


Today for lunch I joined several co-workers and went to lunch at a bowling alley. It has been several years since I last bowled and it was blast.

You would think that after having purchased the Nintendo Wii I would be an ace bowler by now. That would be the assumption, right? Especially when I score such great games. Amazingly, that is not the case. Once again, just like when the Wii guessed my age me a good 10 years older than I really am, the box got it wrong again! I'm beginning to think it is defective in matters related to the real world!

The game was fun, but it took a bit for me to remember some things. You know, minor things such as there are 2 bowls per frame, except when someone knocks all of the pins down the first time. When you do that, as punishment you aren't allowed to bowl a 2nd time! So I made sure that I didn't go on any strikes, 'cause I wanted to bowl every time.

It started out real bad. At the end of the second frame I had a whopping 3 points! And those 3 came on the 2nd ball of the 2nd frame. So you can just guess what the first 3 balls ended up doing!

But a little past the 5th frame I started to warm up to the game, especially at aiming the ball correctly. A couple of times there it was a balance between sending it down the alley correctly, and not throwing out my back, which I could feel I was getting ready to do. I cured that by getting my feet into proper form, especially the offsetting leg thrown back as counter-balance, pictured.

In the end I didn't even break 100, but who cares? It was fun and something new to do. These guys go out on Fridays each week to bowl, so I can see myself joining for a game in the future. Hopefully next time it won't take until the middle of the game before I wake up and start actually hitting a few pins!

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