Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lack of Leadership

Let's see if I understand this correctly.  The Federal government, supported fully as the policy of the president, is to allow anyone from Ebola hotspots to enter the U.S., regardless.  The big cities being worried are instituting mandatory lock up (err.. quarantine) if you come here from there.  Where are the freedoms here?

It's a case of not offering any alternatives, refuses to lead.

This is another classic lack of leadership and even better illustration of bull headed arrogance.  They will not stop flights here, so others work around him and get even worse solutions.  Because he won't change his mind.

We see this stubbornness repeatedly.

For instance take the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Regardless of what you think about the pipeline itself, the president says No so everybody works around that.  In this case they start shipping more with rail..  More shipping, more accidents.  Explosions in downtowns.  So he say No again, until you make all brand new safer heavier rail cars.  That'll bust the rails.  When the fallout from that hits, we'll get worse solutions.  All the the while he'll be blaming republicans.  Asshole.

This is lack of leadership: :"No don't do that, and I say so" reactionary.

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