Saturday, February 22, 2014

RSVP Caribbbean Vacation

Was fun!  A gay cruise with 3,000 gay men, 200 lesbians, and a huge ship.  What could be better?

Lots of shows to see and things to do.  My absolute favorite show was the Kinsey Sicks drag shop quartet.  Their voices were clear, pure and in perfect harmony.  I was enthralled!  Did not get to see much of Cashetta due to conflicts but did get to play a game of bingo with her.  A new pianist, Khris made his debut and I predict he will become a regular, or at least I hope so.

Leslie Jordan was there again, and his show was good.  Lots of good entertainment and laughs though it did skew a lot towards insider baseball.  It was fun but to be honest his first show was fabulous fun and couldn't be matched again.

Seemed to be a few Raleigh boys on this ship,which was cool.  Knew several of them beforehand and one in particular.  There will be lots to chat about when they tell people the things I was wearing. I did several of the parties in theme, like the Yo Ho! pirates party, and the Dark Side and the Heart On.  Got rave reviews for my surfer boy in the Baywatch t-dance.  There were a couple of things I took that didn't get worn, but that just leaves them for the next cruise!

The ship itself was very nice, even if it did have way too few and much randomly located bathrooms.  The crew and service improved and they learned how to keep a bunch of gay men entertained, no small feat that for sure!  The drinks package was pretty damn good, practically unlimited liquor, Damn!  My only complaint was fixing coffee and ending up with a handful of trash that then had to be separated into paper/plastic.  Seriously, fix a coffee, and end up holding drippy creamer containers plus a wet stir stick and the paper it was wrapped in, and then lift by hand the trash lid.  Cluster f*ck!

 We visited St Maarten, San Juan and a private Cay island in the Bahamas.  They were fun, got to hold and feed stingrays, plus see some big sea turtles.  The rain forest in Puerto Rico was cool too.  The next cruise however I'll be reserving my excursions the moment they become available!  The zipline, catamaran, and jet skis excursions were all filled before I could reserve a spot of my own.

The final evening sat on the back pool bar deck, only about 3 of us there chilling on our final eve. At one point the calm was interupted with a female coming on deck, but then she appologized for disturbing and joined her entourage as they chattered off the to side.  It turns out it was Ana Gasteyer relaxing too.  Meanwhile a pleasant guitarist played a few solo sets for us all. Nice ending.

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