Monday, September 06, 2010

A Letter of Summer

Hey - I tried calling but I guess everyone is out to the cookout.

Have you enjoyed your summer so far? It's still warm enough but it got cooler for us this weekend, it's been really nice. This weekend turned into yard work. The trash barrel in the picture is nothing but crabgrass, hand picked weeds from the grass. The barrel is sitting on the crabgrass side and you can see a big difference just in the color (hue, contrast, or saturation? .... it's all green color).

The wood elf that was broken has finished drying out all summer and it was time to glue him back together. Of course I googled "best ceramic glue" and the web site said to use PVA Glue. After looking *that* up it was plain old elmers glue.

I've just put the last tomato into it's last larger pot so hopefully I'll have fresh ripe fruit again in a couple months. I grew these by seeds and they are the ooogly variety. I did some plum tomatoes and they were okay for salads and diced up but for a sandwich it's got to be bigger.

Haven't done any cooking lately although did find carrot cake, a spice cake, and jam crumble bars that use protein in place of some flour. The protein has vanilla flavor but that's okay it just means it can be desserts.

All of that was just this week, always lots of stuff going on here. Couple weeks ago was the film festival, and as always had a blast. I only saw one film begin-to-end but did see almost to 15 films total. I threw together a Friday night dinner and invited along friends and producers, maybe next year I'll get a chance to ask some actors. I think I'll do the dinner again next year and see how it goes, but this first time was a lot of fun.

Did lots of hikes again this year, though didn't get too far from the region. And went camping, once down at the lake and the whirly-gig is the path, and then up in the George Washington Crabtree Falls in Virginia. And kayaking and swimming too.

Have fun and we'll talk soon.


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