Thursday, August 13, 2009

NC Gay / Lesbian Film Festival

I'm really looking forward to the 14th film festival getting started today. I am again hosting an artist, this year it is director Branden Blinn. He created the absolutely awesome short film Thirteen or So Minutes. His film Chased is being shown at this years festival, and if past is any indicator it too will be great.

There is an opening stage performance tonight with Del Shores, creator of Sordid Lives, the movie and series about white texas trash. Joining him will be Run McClanahan who most know as Blanch on Golden Girls, and Caroline Rhea who played Noletta in the series.

The Saturday night feature film will be Make The Yuletide Gay by director Rob Williams. Rob has always been a fave at our festivals, and Yuletide marks the best movie yet. It makes a great date movie which mixes romance and some strife with a happy ending. (Good date movies always have a happy ending!

Redwoods has sold out of one showing, probably because Brandan Bradley will be on stage for the show. He is just gorgeous, and local to the triangle too!

Some feature films I'd like to see again if time and tickets allow are The Art of Being Straight, Patrik Age 1.5, and practically all the shorts. Some of the films I want to see that didn't get a chance to screen are Chicos Angels, starring the Salsa Chic latina, Mr. Right because I liked the poster, Chefs Special because everyone else liked it, and Drool cuz everyone needs to watch at least one womens film.

It's going to be a fun weekend, even with all the work I'll be doing there. It's rewarding, and the gathering on Saturday at the irish pub after the last show is seated is great. Plus my own ta da moment when I introduce films in front of an audience of gay men is a rush!

See you at the movies!

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