Saturday, June 06, 2009

Grilled Apples

Today is my first time grilling steaks on the new charcoal grill. I'm going to have some yellow squash from the garden plus tomatoes from the farmers market. I looked around the kitchen to see what could grill with the steaks and I spotted the fruit dish. What follows is how I fixed some granny smith apples using the grill. I'm writing this as I invent this dish, good or bad :)

- Granny smith apples
- citric wash (1 tbsp of lemon, lime, etc juice in water)
- Oil, corn or other vegetable
- Honey or sugar
- Salt
- Pinch of cinnamon

Peel and core, slice into rings and put the apples into the citric wash. Why the citric wash? The acid in the juice will keep the apples from turning an ugly brown. Just a teaspoon to a couple cups water will leave no taste in the apples, adjust up for more lemon or lime flavor. Tip: Peel the apple, dunk in wash, core, dunk, slice, dunk. Apples: You should try granny smiths, because they will hold together under handling.

Marinate in oil and honey or sugar. So here is my logic for the oil, probably false. It will allow the apples to come to a very high temperature without burning too fast. And the honey will carmeliz along with some apple. I love carmelization, the browning of sugar with high heat, its like the absolute best sweet flavor in the world when you do it on the grill. In hindsight next time I'm going to marinate longer in the wash and skip or seriously reduce the oil.

Sprinkle a bit of salt on the apples and Grill. 2-4 minutes per side but make sure a good sear happens in the first side.

I ate about half the dish, then thought I'd try some cinnamon. Both ways were good.

PS: Carol gave me the idea to blog this after posting her recipe. Sans green peppers :)

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