Tuesday, May 05, 2009

You Came to Mind Recently ....

Just a little bit ago, I was talking with a co-worker about some problem or another and some management decision that we could expect to be seeing soon. You know, the usual stuff.

Then he mentioned he watched a food show the other day and it reminded him of me. I like to cook and experiment, so it seemed natural. Food, me, okay. But that's not where I came to mind.

He was explaining about some chef on a show who goes out and tries various types of foods. Exotic meats and veggies and just plain odd foods to the typical westerner. Things like monkey eyes. I asked "Monkey brains too" and oh yes, that too. Like I said, I like to experiment with food, and try pretty much any food at least once, so that must be when he thought of me. Nope, not yet.

He continues to tell me about the show. This episode had the chef visiting Costa Rica, going well into the non-civilized part of the country. Came to mind because of my stance on hispanics in the U.S.? Nope, not that either.

So the chef is dragged into the middle of some cave, slogged through mud and grime and wet and uncomfortable and just plum tuckered out. So he goes to sit down and rest for a moment. The guide grabs him before he can sit down and tells him, "No, there are parasites all around here. They are anal seeking parasites. You do not want to get them in you."

And THAT is when I popped into his head.

But on a positive note, Ms. California, whose religion makes her not approve of gay marriage, has photos floating around on the internet of her flinging her titties for the camera!

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