Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New House

Okay, so it's not really a new house, but it will soon be mine if the offer is accepted. This is the front of the house, a 1950's style home, with 1/2 acre for Guinan to play. As always, you can click on a picture for a larger version.

The one requirement that I had was that the home is within the I-440 loop inside Raleigh. It happens to be within walking distance of NCSU, plus lots of other city things!

The major downside is that the street borders the loop, and down at the street, down the hill is the actual highway itself. When I look again today I'm going to make doubly-sure that I am okay with that.

Here is the back yard, nice and sunny and it faces east (the house faces west). This is what the kitchen and dining room see, and not the building on the left:

I really like the kitchen/dining room area, also bright and sunny. The countertops are going to get replaced, not sure yet about keeping the original cabinetry. I will also be tearing out a wall between two bedrooms, 'cause my king size bed will not fit otherwise. Debating on the living room wall.

The windows off the kitchen and dining room (on the left in pic) look out onto this deck, and into the back yard. Notice the other building and door, that is a mini-apartment with a kitchen and another room (bedroom/living room I guess). It has a renter/tenant who has been there for 6 years. He is cute so I will probably keep him! This close to the school campus practically guarantee I will always have a renter, except maybe summer.

The street dead ends, with a bike or hike trail at its end. The other end of the trail is at an underpass, which makes the fairgrounds and RBC bike ride distance, or maybe even walking distance.

I'll be making the offer this afternoon, and if we negotiate a good deal I expect to spend 1 or 2 months doing the renovations.

I'll finally be living in a city again. I figure if I can handle living in the 2nd, 3rd (LA, Chicago) and 4th (Houston) largest U.S. cities, I can manage Raleigh!

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